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ArtiStor.com TM was created to help talented but relatively unknown artists receive recognition for their unique works of art, provide those artists with an outlet to sell that work, and to provide you, the customer, with easy affordable access to creative artwork and gifts. Each piece of unique artwork displayed on this site is an original or a copy of the original obtained directly from its artist.

Currently, ArtiStor.com gift store proudly displays:

>> Artwork By Brennan - Prints, Mugs & Greeting Cards
>> Artwork By Vivi Keilson - Reb Moshe Feinstein Art
>> Beily Paluch (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Bonnie Sue Schwartz - Landscape Art & Note Cards
>> Bernadette Peters (Singer) - Childrens Stories & Coloring
>> Cami's Creative Doll Corner - Collectible Dolls
>> Channah Lieberman (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Dina Rosenfeld (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Draizy Zelcer - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Goldie Shulman (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Helen Alexander - Squinkles Plush Toys
>> Jay Isadore - Framed Photograph Prints
>> John Michael Ferrari - Photographic Prints & Cards
>> Malky Goldberg (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Mandy Patikin (Singer) - Dewey Doo Childrens Books
>> Nechama Tamara Farber's - Fine Art Prints
>> PURRfect Pet Toys - Interactive Cat Toys
>> Ralph Fasanella - Signed Limited Edition Prints
>> Rica Aghasisi - Jewish Gifts, Challah Covers
>> Rikki Benenfeld (Author) - Jewish Childrens Books
>> Samuel Barjam - Art Prints & Note Cards
>> Scott Cate - Airbrushed Tshirts & Mural
>> Shantayl's Fabric Flowers - Fabric Brooches
>> Sofi's Handknit Scarves
>> Sparkles Plus - Decorated Art Ties
>> Steve Harris - Mathematical Art, Abstract Art
>> The Corporate Jungle - Inspirational Posters
>> Wild Textiles - Unique Costumes & Plus Size

Other Artists will be added shortly. Please check back with us often. You may request to be added to the Artistor.com mailing list to learn about new artwork, gifts, and "specials" as they are displayed.

ArtiStor extends a special thank you to ArtiStor photographer John Michael Ferrari / Images By Ferrari.

All of us at Artistor.com thank you for joining us. We appreciate you.

About Artisor Gifts and Fine Artwork

Artisor Gifts and Fine Artwork was developed to get other artists a chance to get their works of art out to the world. We have been successfully adding new artists for the last 5 years and have grown to now offer you 1000's of unique gifts and fine artwork.


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