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Creative Customer Framing & Feedback

Dear Customer,
Please feel free to email us your "customer feedback."
Also, most prints are sold on UNFRAMED. We invite you to send us photos of your creatively framed Artistor products. ArtiStor will include photos of the framed art that you send, with a few words in explanation about the print and the company and city where the print was framed.
Thank you,

Creative Custom Framing - Flying M Ranch

5"x7" prints: "Flying M Ranch" Images By Ferrari

Frame: Artisans Gallery, San Antonio, TX

Creative Custom Framing - Football Series

5"x7" prints: "Teammates Purple" & "Green" Artwork By Brennan

Frame: Somewhere in China

Creative Custom Framing - Flowing Hair

5"x7" print: "Flowing Hair" Artwork By Brennan

Frame: Pier One Imports, Gainesville, Florida

Creative Custom Framing - BreakShot

12"x 12" print: "Breakshot" Mathematical Art
by Steve Harris

Frame & Mat: Mat Source, Glendale, CA

Creative Custom Framing with Brennan's Artwork entitled 'Afro'

18"x24" signed and numbered (11/250) print: "Afro," Afrocentric Artwork By Brennan

Frame: Aaron Brothers, Los Angeles, CA.

Creative Custom Framing

5"x7" print: "Hesitation," Line Drawing Artwork By Brennan

Frame: Pier One Imports, Marina del Rey, CA.

Hi...I received the mugs the other day....they are soooo great!!! Thanks for the key chain also...I did get scared though when I got the box because the keychain rattled in the mug and I thought surely the mugs were broken..... but they are perfect...

Thks so much...Suzanne

Smoking Clown Mugs

Hi..I received the clown cards today... The cards are gorgeous!!! I don't think I could possibly part with them by writing a letter on them... I think I will frame them and add them to my clown collection...

Thks so much...Suzanne  

Children's Clown Set
5" x 7"

(photo to follow)

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Customer Feedback and Framed Photos They Bought.

As you can see from the different frames each of these peices of artwork are in, they are absolutley beautiful works of art. A great gift for anyone!


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