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Danny Pardo Biography

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Danny Pardo Biography


Danny Pardo Biography

Danny Pardo

Danny Pardo, stands at 510" tall with a personality to match. Son of European immigrants; the mixture of his blood comes from Italy, Spain and Yugoslavia. Speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian fluently, Danny has had the chance to perform in all languages, from films, to TV shows, to Voice-overs in animation, radio and TV, to soap operas, to commercials, to hosting, to live events and presentations. He realized his passion for his self-expression during a particular moment in his life; when he distinguished that 14 years of successful businesses and his BA in Marketing and Business where limiting his possibilities.

Speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian fluently, and some French too, Danny has had the chance to perform in all languages, from Films, to TV Shows, Webseries, Soap Operas, Commercials, Voiceovers, Hosting, Print Modeling, to Live Events and Presentations.

His short but powerful career since September 2003, shows that having recurring roles on Prison Break, 24, The Shield, All my Children, just a few to mention, is merely a sample of his future. Lead roles on Series like Murder Investigation Unit, Oh La La I Speak French, Illegal and Hispanic soap operas like Anita no the Rajes, Prisionera, Decisiones, Al Filo de la Ley and No Me Hallo prove his competitive advantage of a multi-linguist.

He has booked Lead Roles and Supporting Roles in several independent films such as Counterpunch, Halloween Party, Pretty Obsession, Double Tap, Verlaine. Daddy Issues, Horro-Torium, Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake, Ablution, Miami Undercover, and many more.

His ability to navigate through different arenas, gave him the power to even broaden his horizons. His face was used for Print campaigns for Verizon, Nextel, Hewlett Packard, Heineken, Four Seasons Hotels, Ford, Sony, Coca-Cola, Bellsouth, Ft. Lauderdale Tourism and others. Having booked this partial list of commercials: Toyota, Verizon, Sears, Time Warner Cable, Burger King, 21st Century, Dunkin Donuts, Circuit City, Jeep, Pledge Furniture Polish, CVS Pharmacy, ITT Tech University, Home Depot, Lincoln/Mercury, Dashers Insurance, and many more, again prove how multi-faceted he is.

For more details, resume, pictures, contact information, visit www.dannypardo.com

TV & Film Demoreels: http://www.dannypardo.com/videos/tvspeedreel.html

Commercial Demoreel: http://www.dannypardo.com/videos/commercialspeedreel.html

Hosting Demoreel: http://www.dannypardo.com/videos/hostingdemo.html

Voiceover Demoreel: http://www.dannypardo.com/voiceovers.html

Please visit Danny's Products:

Business and Marketing for the Actor

Danny Pardo is an Actors Reporter host:

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